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Raccoon prevention tips: how to keep Raccoons away

With heir bushy ringed tails, bandit masked faces and strange habit of rinsing the food before eating raccoons seem to be a Disney creation than an original animal. No Ohio raccoons are good looking and possess a lot of intelligence and interesting habits yet they can be dangerous as they are wild. They can even damage your house if once entered and stay for a certain time. Therefore it becomes necessary to drive away this North American native from your home and surroundings. There are given some tips that how you can get rid of this Columbus wildlife in order to protect you and your property.

Through lights and sounds:
It is known that Columbus raccoons are nocturnal animals and become active at night time. They prefer darkness while hunting and searching for food. Night time is the right time to identify whether they are in your home or not. If they exist, you can prevent them with extra lights and sounds. Try to make them escape with bright lights lingering on your property as this will lessen the impact of night and they will not become active as they usually are at this time. A normal porch light may not sufficient to fulfill the purpose, you have to install flood light around your home in order to avoid stubborn, masked mammal. Another way is the usage of radio. Raccoons are not man friendly and avoid human society; so you can plant a radio near garbage can or anywhere else where you think raccoon definitely comes. Leave the radio on with a talk station and turn the volume high, might you get required results!

There are many folk methods to repel the night time visitor. Common things that may help in repelling this furry Columbus animal are:

• Ammonia
• Bleach
• Human hair
• Mothball

But keep in mind that none of the above repellent is considered effective for stubborn Ohio raccoons or mother raccoon with babies in nest. However, simple raccoons can be avoided with these simple methods. If you see a mother raccoon with cubs, be polite and if possible, let them live at their occupied place for at least 2 to 4 weeks. After that you can try raccoon eviction spray. This spray is made of urine of male raccoon and stimulates the mother to move with her kids to some other safe place. You can also find some mechanical repellents in the Columbus market. It is a sort of motion activated sprinkler that let the animal understands about ‘no-go area’. You can use a scare crow too in the Ohio courtyard.

Hot pepper repellent recipe:

Get the following ingredients:

• One chopped jalapeno pepper
• One chopped yellow onion
• One tablespoon of Cayenne pepper

Boil all the ingredients for about 20 minutes with two quarts of water. Let it cool and strain the mixture with cheesecloth. Fill the spray bottle with the mixture. Then spray it where you detect animals. The mixture lasts for 3 to 5 days.

Food sources:

Raccoons are omnivores and use to eat all type of foods they get. Their diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, insects, fish, worms, amphibians, bird eggs and occasionally small mammals and birds. If they get easy to access and plentiful food at your home or in the yard they will raid there in spite bothering to hunt. So never to leave food open, it will definitely attract the animal. Moreover always use a metallic can with a tight lid to throw garbage as this mammal is very much fond of garbage and never miss it if get a chance. Bird feeders, pet food and all edible items should be kept carefully.

Don’t think that once you have managed to let them out, they will never come again. Raccoon is a very intelligent animal. It is provided with perfect hands and that’s why it can rotate the door knob as well as can open the jar. Therefore a constant check is necessary especially when cold winter is approaching and they start looking for a warm and cozy place.

Using fences:

According to the research of University of California, regular fences are not sufficient to repel raccoons as the animal is too good in climbing and digging. If the animal is teasing you continually and you are determined to let them out at any cost, electric fencing will work best. There is no need to activate the electric supply all day long but you may on it at the peak activation hours of the animal; the peak hunting time of the animal is normally late at night. If they try to jump in to the house through trees and walls, a wrapped electrified wire can help in this regard and soon they will be discouraged for a long time.

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