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  • Columbus Educational Article of the Month - Pigeon Repellents You Need To Know

Pigeon Repellents You Need To Know

If you are among the homeowners that are complaining about pigeon droppings on their Columbus homes, you are not alone as there are oodles of people that are suffering the same problem with you. In fact, for many property owners and business pigeon has become their common problem. Honestly, Pigeon infestation can be awful nuisance and expensive liability both to homeowners and business managers. These are the reasons why this article is dedicated to provide home and property owners with information on the best Pigeon repellents they need to know. There are whole lots of repellents both natural and store-bought products and you are going to know more about them through this article.

Some Natural Pigeon Repellents You Need To Know
There are lots of natural pigeon repellents available which you can easily use to scare Columbus pigeons away from your property without passing through stress. One of such is simply through setting up barriers for the pigeons. You can easily do this with the use of anti-roosting spike strips, which you can easily attach anywhere you want to scare birds a way such as your house roof and others. You can buy anti-roosting spike from hardware store and use it to set up barriers for the birds. On how to set up the spike, you can learn that by following instruction of the manufacturer. Another natural way is by spraying sticky chemical on the ground so as to scare the pigeons away from your home. But you must ensure that you stick strictly to the instruction of manufacturer for you to scare pigeon away through these techniques.

Use Bird Netting To Repel Pigeons from Your Home
Indeed, this is another obvious natural Columbus pigeon repellent you need to know as it has been used by oodles of homeowners and business managers to deal with their pigeon problem. Bird net comes in different forms and types and you can easily select the one that will best suit your need and requirement. The net is designed to scare or repel pigeon from perching on the roof or other parts of homes. Most people that have tried to repel birds with this method complain about the ineffectiveness of the technique as the birds are rather killed in the net than being repelled.

Repel Pigeon by Providing Predator Birds like Eagle, Hawk and Other
This is also a natural Ohio pigeon repellent you need to know. Providing predator animal like hawk, eagle and others to the pigeon will help to scare or repel them from perching on your roof or any part of your home. The predator bird will target the birds so as to feed on them while the birds will always be on the run to avoid being used as feed to their predator. This method would have been effective had it been it is easy to provide enough predator animals to the pigeon. However due to difficulty in providing enough predator animals that can help repel pigeon this method is not really effective.

Some of the Store-Bought Pigeon Repellents You Must Know
If you are like most property owners that do not find natural Columbus pigeon repellent technique effective, you are not to border any longer as there are also lots of store-bought pigeon repellents available. One of the artificially formulated repellent for pigeon is known as sonic bird repeller. This product is known to emit bird distress calls which help to keep birds away from a property or a home. But, in most case, this product does not really work well.

Go For Broadband Pro Pigeon Repellent to Scare Pigeon Away From Your Ohio Home
You can equally make use of BroadBand Pro which is a product with combination of both sonic & ultrasonic bird repeller. This product can cover up 6 acres. The price of this product is about $725 which is not always easy for some people to spend just because they want to repel pigeon from their home.

Checkout for Bird Blazer to Repel Pigeon from Your Home
If you have large indoor space that is affected and flooded by pigeon, you are not to border as what you need is bird blazer to repel the Columbus pigeon. You can buy this product from store within your area but the problem with this product is that it is expensive for most people to buy. You can buy this product for about $1,518.45 which is not always easy for most homeowners to spend just to scare birds away from their homes.

Use Terror Eyes to Repel Pigeon from Your Home and Property
Terror Eyes is one of the devices designed for scaring and repelling birds from Ohio homes and property. It is a visual scare, frightening 3D balloon which helps to repel pest birds and other animals that can cause disturbance in homes and property.

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