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  • Columbus Educational Article of the Month - How to Get Rid of House Mice

How to Get Rid of House Mice

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide in order to enable you to get rid of Columbus house mice? Well, you are surely at the perfect place then. This article will provide you a complete guide in order to get rid of mice from your house. There are several ways which you could use in this regard. You can try to prevent their entry, you can carry out their exclusion process, you can make use of traps, you can use repellant items and you can also keep animals to kill mice. So let us discuss each of these methods in depth and figure out which one is the best for you.

Seal the mouse entry points

The most important step to take in the exclusion of Columbus mice from you house is to seal all the mouse entry points. This is done to ensure that no further mice enter your house. There must be a number of holes or cracks in your house which these mice use to enter. It is understandable that you might not be aware of these holes. However, now it is time that you locate these entry points and seal them permanently. In fact, if is recommended that you get your home repaired by professionals and ask them to seal all such holes or cracks in your house. It is a good idea to use ceramic materials in order to permanently seal these entry points. In addition to this, you should also consider building fences near your house. These fences will play an important part in preventing the mice from entering your house. In case you already have fences in your house, you should consider getting them repaired in case they are broken or cracked.

The process of exclusion should be carried out after you have sealed all the Columbus mouse entry points in your house. You should consider calling professionals to help you get rid of mice in your house by carrying out the exclusion process. These professionals will make use of advanced techniques to get rid of the mice in your house. Firstly, they will find out the places where the mice reside. They will also find out the type of mouse in your house as well as their quantity. Once this has been done, they will make use of repellants to get rid of mouse. These repellants will make the mice go away from the house temporarily. However, since all the entry points have already been sealed, they will not be able to make their way back into the house. It is surely as simple as that! However, it is recommended that you get this process done by a professional.


You can also make use of mousetraps in order to kill or trap the mice. There are a variety of traps available in the Columbus market from which you can choose the ones which suit your condition. You can use humane traps to capture the mice. These traps usually comprise of one closed and one open end. Once the mouse gets into the trap, both ends are sealed. You can then leave the mouse away from your house so it does not return. You can also make use of lethal snap traps. These traps will instantly kill the Ohio mouse as it enters this trap. It comprises of a spring and a thick wire frame. As the mouse enters the trap, it will be hit hard by the wire frame and will die instantly. Similarly, there are glues traps as well. These glue traps comprise of a sticky material on their surface. Once the mouse gets on top of these traps, it does not get a chance to go away. If you are serious about getting rid of mice from your house, you should definitely use these traps.


There are various types of natural as well as man-made repellants in the Ohio market in order to aid you with the process of elimination of mice from your house. Some repellants are in the form of poisons as well. Moth balls are common mouse repellants. They comprise of hazardous chemicals which can kill the mouse as soon as it swallows the ball. However, they are usually used to scare the mouse away with their bad scent. You can also make use of peppermint oil. This oil also has a scent which the mice hate. So whenever a mouse comes close to the smell of this oil, it is repelled by it. You can also keep pets in your Ohio house to repel mouse. Cats act as good mouse repellants too. They not only scare the Ohio mouse but also eat them as soon as they are able to catch it. However, these repellants are not effective enough and might not give you the desired result. You should consider using mouse traps if you want the perfect result.

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